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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Need To Be Alone During Moon Square Neptune On Monday, July 25, 2022


What a curious transit we have today, in square moon Neptune. If there is a cosmic event that challenges our sensitivity and pushes us to seek refuge, it is this one. Many of us will either be nervous or eager to spend time alone.

This is the time when we know where to go for healing energy, and that is inward; we look to ourselves for comfort. We are healed by our own healthy energy, and we know that to tap into this source, we must be alone.

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Being alone is not for everyone, indeed, those who like to be alone are also those who trust themselves. They know they can find comfort in their own mind. Some people can’t do that; they distrust themselves to such a degree that the idea of ​​being alone is akin to being in a horror movie.

Terror awaits them at every turn. These are the people who turn on the television to occupy the empty space, because a noise-free environment means they might have to think, and thought is the enemy because it only leads to terror.

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So, for those who like to be alone, Moon square Neptune is just what you need to fully dive in. For loners, the idea of ​​feeling sensitive is not a threat; it is an opportunity to understand things.

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