iSwiss launches exclusive services for the banking and insurance sectors.

iSwiss launches exclusive services for the banking and insurance sectors.

iSwiss is an emerging unique platform that provides exclusive services for the banking and insurance industry. Recently, it launched new strategic plans for both sectors.

Lugano, Switzerland, July 24, 2022, King News Wire, iSwiss is a banking and insurance platform that has recently established itself in the market where users can benefit from both banking and insurance services. Recently, iSwiss launched new strategic banking and insurance services. Now, users no longer need to visit separate platforms for banking and insurance. They can benefit from all monetary services on a single platform, iSwiss.

iSwiss develops a new understanding of the financial and credit system, including:

  • It presents services for underbanked users, including those excluded from the traditional banking system.
  • It offers the securitization service as an alternative to the use of bank credit for companies.

Aleo Christopher, the founder of the Swiss group, says,

“The key word is simplicity, online services such as apps are fine, but customers are looking for a personal relationship with their bank and cannot be handled by automated bots. This is why we combine online services with the opening of a network of shops where customers can go to carry out transactions in person such as depositing or withdrawing money or discussing their needs with our managers..”

For the insurance sector, iSwiss launched the Insurtech service, a multilingual platform where users can insure almost everything: from planes to cars, from real estate to credit.

Aleo Christopher further says,

“The economy on operating costs allows us to offer advantageous conditions to our customers, one of the most popular services we offer is credit insurance to energize and secure relationships between individuals.”

iSwiss has also changed its approach to non-performing loans. The group offers its services in granting credit to individuals excluded from the credit system due to old non-performing loans.

Aleo says,

“The system as it is designed does not give the debtor a second chance. Banks record and store for years the names of those who have had late or non-payments for one reason or another, effectively excluding those people from receiving future funding. It is a kind of “damnatio memoriae” which reduces the person to live on the margins of society, qualified as a “bad payer”.

Potential clients should the following links to get more information about their services.

iSwitzerland | Christophe Aleo

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